Service is our foundation for building excellence.

At the heart of our business lies a highly talented management team and a proven process for finding the most efficient and economical solutions to meet the needs of each client. Our range of expertise includes large complex projects, which often take place in highly technical and occupied facilities, as well as many medium and small projects. We are confident with the large and more difficult projects, however, we don't overlook the details that make smaller projects run smoothly.

We work collaboratively to:

  • Build trust as a valued team member and advisor
  • Develop a clear understanding of the needs and challenges of each project
  • Add value with proven management processes to guide the project from concept to occupancy
What We Do



Early project planning and budgeting has great influence on the ability to control costs later on. We provide a detailed initial budget with updates at regular intervals during design. Our process helps define design and identifies cost concerns. An accurate budget is essential for cost control as the project moves forward through construction.


Our team’s technical expertise offers valuable input into resolving problematic areas of a project that can impact construction and carry on into the long-term operation of the building. During design, details of the project are evaluated for practicality and efficiency. We spend the time necessary to identify and address potential hang-ups before construction begins. Our commitment is to deliver every project on budget, fully functional, and free of long-term problems.


Finding optimal solutions for a project entails evaluating many alternative materials and systems. As design progresses, we organize Value Engineering (VE) with documentation that details value-added alternatives, cost implications, and tracks review and decisions made. We employ a unique blend of knowledge and experience to find the most innovative and efficient solutions for each project.


Using the latest modeling technology, our experienced in-house personnel provide valuable input into MEP systems coordination with structural and architectural details. We define MEP trade scopes and develop bid package information to clarify the bid process to avoid costly gaps and overlaps with bids. We also provide expertise with installation oversight and supervise start-up completion.


Our philosophy around project management begins with immersion into the details to ensure the plan for execution is fully supported with tools for scheduling and measuring progress, cost control, and safety. In addition, the effort our team puts forth during preconstruction lays the groundwork for effective project management. Our highly talented staff is focused on minimizing risk while maximizing quality at every step of the construction process.


We add value to projects with our capability to self-perform various categories of work. There are situations, which are detriments to the project budget, when subcontracting is the method used to procure the work. Difficult and unquantifiable work scope activities are better self-performed to alleviate schedule delays, or to eliminate inflated subcontractor bids. Benefits to the project include responsiveness, speed, craftsmanship and value.